The Arrival of Spring and the Launch of MAYDI’s New SS21 Collection

Springy Spring…

Isn’t Spring one of the most beautiful seasons of the year?

It is for sure the season of “Renaissance”, where everything starts to bloom again, longer enjoyable days, sunshine’s on your skin. The season where everything seems possible and where all the hopes and dreams come together.

MAYDI transmits her dreams, hopes and ideals through her different collections. She admires the Argentinian landscapes and likes to combine it with her own vision, ideas and experiences.

For this Spring, her most important wish is that more and more people feel the awareness and consciousness, to be able to buy and consume more responsibly, without harming our planet but rather preserve it for the future generations to come.

Spring with MAYDI

This Spring is more special than any Spring season lived before. Because this Spring everything is different, and the world is about to change, forever.

This Spring, MAYDI presents her new collection virtually, on a distance, adapting herself to the new norms in this rather exceptional situation. Even though, we shall not lose hope. Better things are to come. The near future is still full of surprises. We shall fight for our dreams and show the world what we are capable of.

In this new Spring-Summer 2021 collection, MAYDI was willing to transmit her feelings and emotions, what she has been passing through this year, during these past months.

This new collection is called: “BACK TO INNOCENCE” because it brings her back to her roots, her origins and her deepest childhood unforgettable memories. Time has showed her what really matters in life, the importance of being.

MAYDI fights daily to preserve our planet, it is of great importance to her, having a positive impact on it. She continues to create and design, hoping for a better future of fashion, more sustainable and responsible.

This season, she was willing to introduce new luxury vegetable-based fibers, such as linen, bamboo, organic cotton, raffia, jute and raw silk. You will be able to find different unique pieces in this new collection, made out of these precious materials.

Also, each one of them owes great properties:

All MAYDI’s pieces are crafted by hand in Argentina, mainly in Buenos Aires, the capital, by young talented and faithful artisans. MAYDI’s products are naturally composed and produced, on a made-to-order and made-to-measure basis, with an urban and contemporary spirit. All the menswear pieces are adaptable and unisex and can fit easily in any one-of-a-kind wardrobe.

MAYDI’s new SS21 will be available online soon, stay tuned!

Spring with MAYDI

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