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@michellemaessenphotography for MAYDI

María, more known through her surname, MAYDI, has founded her brand several years ago, in 2014, during her great comeback to her loved country, Argentina and hometown, Goya, close to Buenos Aires, in late 2012. 

After different enriching experiences abroad, mainly in Europe, in London, Paris and Milan, MAYDI decided to create her own brand, while coming back “home” (*Home, her first home being Buenos Aires, and her second home being Paris). MAYDI wanted to have something of her own, creating, designing, sharing. She was willing to show and share with the rest of the world all the beauty Argentina has to offer. Then started the birth of MAYDI. The founder, being first inspired by the fibres during the creation process. Argentina is the second most important wool exporter in the world. And it has a range of wonderful fibres, all with different amazing properties.

As mentioned before, MAYDI’s first inspirations come from the fibres, during her travels to the local farmers, certified Wildlife Friendly. She likes to see them, touch them, and imagine them in different pieces and fits. The fibres take here elsewhere, in her highest imagination levels and thoughts.  

But MAYDI is not only inspired by the fibres, she also is fond of her home country Argentina, its biodiversity, its nature, its wild landscapes, its animals, its species, and variety. 

To MAYDI, Argentina is the richest country in the world at a biodiversity level. Therefore, that is why MAYDI is so much willing to move forward in the sustainability direction. In every step she takes and every new decision she makes, the sustainability part is key, willing to leave nothing behind. Just use, reuse, and pass over from generation to generation. 

And of course, MAYDI keeps daily in mind her life experiences in Europe. All her travels allow her to create and imagine different and new pieces for each new collection.  

MAYDI wants to incorporate as many people as possible, complete diversity. MAYDI is open, MAYDI shares love and respect, MAYDI offers unisex pieces and is only made-to-order and made-to-measure. MAYDI cares about others. MAYDI’s pieces are unique and can fit any body. We are wide open and continue working daily towards all the possible ways of bettering, trying to be as sustainable as possible. MAYDI is the New Luxury, mixing together the authentic with the modern, at her own taste, with her final touch. 

Moreover, there are probably also some other things about MAYDI that you do not know yet…

MAYDI’s muse is Jeanne d’Arc, a woman, a fighter, a feminist, someone willing to do better and be better, and fight for her rights, for humanity. 

@michellemaessenphotography for MAYDI

MAYDI’s favourite and most inspiring historic chapter, is the one of the Medieval epochs. She is fascinated by their different costumes, clothing, traditions, ways of life, that her pieces transmit those feelings of knights, horses, and fighters for glory. 

Medieval epochs with MAYDI

MAYDI’s favourite colour palette are the neutral and natural tones and shades. Through her pieces, she likes to represent our nature, surroundings, and landscapes. Therefore, all the pieces are dyed with 100% natural dyes only, from native plants of Argentina and South America. 

MAYDI’s natural dyes, from Cochinilla to Palo Amarillo

MAYDI is fond of flowers and likes to surround herself and her environment with new bouquets and scents weekly. Her favourite flowers, are the white ones, especially the jasmine flower, showing so much delicacy and elegance, a great representation of her brand, of MAYDI.

White Jasmine flowers, MAYDI’s favourite

Finally, MAYDI never works without her best company, her two favourite cats, Donato and Franka, filling her with love and passion.

Here is Donato, one of MAYDI’s beloved cats

MAYDI continues her journey in Argentina, working with the best native artisans, using their hands, their craft art, through ancestral techniques. 

At MAYDI, we love sharing, and we share beauty and love with of all you. 

If you are willing to know more about MAYDI, do not hesitate in writing us. 

Best wishes from MAYDI, 

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