Path Towards Sustainability

First of all, what is sustainability actually?

It results in living consciously and in awareness, making usage of the available resources in a responsible way, preserving our planet, our environment and surroundings, making sure there will still be enough to enjoy for the future generations to come.

It is important to minimize our impact and have in mind the possible consequences, as well as the influencing external factors.

Also, sustainability can be at several levels: environmental, social and economic, showing that the world is an interconnected system that depends on and is related to many different factors.

Most importantly, it is key to remind and always keep in mind to consume and buy wisely, by making all those resources last as long as possible.

How does MAYDI work and think?

To MAYDI, it is very important and rewarding to work with local native talented artisans. She is able to help them bring their art and craft to light. Maria, the founder and the creator of the brand, is delighted to collaborate with the local community, by letting them live from their art and by being able to let them transmit their craftsmanship from generation to generation.

MAYDI’s whole production chain is 100% local and all the natural prime materials used are also locally sourced. MAYDI’s roots are Argentinian, with a Parisian touch. She sources from different regions of Argentina, depending on the seasons and treasures she is looking for.

While starting MAYDI, Maria was really willing to work with what the country has to offer, what surrounds her and is naturally available. She then started using, creating and designing different pieces and collections with all the natural fibers and yarns available around her. Argentina has a lot of beautiful and qualitative materials.

Also, MAYDI always have had the idea of willing to work and collaborate with the local artisans in a fair-trade way, without harming nor the environment nor the wildlife. That is very important to her. That is why, since 2019 she has obtained the Wildlife Friendly certificate, proving that she works in a way that respects fully the planet and by thinking about the future generations.

MAYDI uses what is at her disposal, in a creative and unique way, by adding value to each piece she creates. MAYDI is a brand that is willing to be fully transparent at all the levels of her value chain, providing her customers complete traceability.

If you are willing to check out more in details all MAYDI’s adventures, make sure you have a look at these following places:

  • (website) > PROCESS
  • MAYDI’s participation in the different IG’s Lives during these past months
  • You can always write us, we are more than happy to assist you!

Some advice if you are willing to bring the sustainability to the next level:

  • Try to buy or produce locally made products as much as possible
  • Inform yourself to be completely aware
  • Make conscious choices
  • Work and do with what you have, and make full usage of it
  • Seek and ask for full transparency
  • Be creative and innovative
  • Think different!

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