The « Behind the Scenes » of What MAYDI Stands For

Behind the brand MAYDI is a unique self-taught creative designer that cares for many aspects, while creating her own brand. She learned a lot from herself, but especially from her experiences in London, Paris and Milan during several years, taking also part in different important fashion events yearly worldwide.

Since her youngest age, she started creating her own “poupées” in crochet and using her sewing machine, that her dear grandfather gifted her and that she still owes closely.

María, the creator and founder of MAYDI is from the town Goya in the North part of Argentina. She loves passing time in that place, close to the rivers, the singing birds and mother nature; coming back to her roots and her origins, remembering her dearest childhood memories, that time of true “innocence”.

MAYDI & Handmade labels

The time arrived when MAYDI felt the desire to create and launch her own brand on the Argentinian market. She wanted to show the rest of the world, with many excitements, the beauty Argentina has to offer.

She discovered that Argentina is the 3rd biggest exporter of wool worldwide and is known very well for it.

Then, started her great interest for the natural fibers, mainly the animal-based fibers. Since the moment, she saw and touched the fibers, her imagination took her elsewhere, to create wonders and design all these beautiful unique collections twice a year since 2014.

Since that time, MAYDI feels that she is the Ambassador of the Natural Luxury Fibers, she is in charge, with joy, to show the rest of the world, what our planet has in abundance. It is an important role she is delighted to take. MAYDI feels responsibility to respect her entire surroundings, from the nature to the wildlife. Therefore, she is the first Argentinian designer in obtaining the Wildlife Friendly certificate since last year, in 2019, demonstrating that she works and collaborates with her faithful artisans in a respectful and friendly way, without harming our planet nor our beautiful landscapes.

MAYDI, through her brand is the change she wants to see in the world, in other words, a radical change of paradigm, mixing carefully the traditional with the modern. She gets mostly inspired from the streets, from the people, the cultures and different places she has been to. She designs one-of-a-kind pieces with her dreamy imagination and her own experiences, allowing her to offer pieces with an urban and contemporary spirit and a Parisian touch.

100% reusable packaging of MAYDI

To MAYDI, the future of fashion should be more responsible. That is also why MAYDI produces only on-demand and made-to-measure. She does not generate any waste and reuses her deadstocks for her reusable packaging.

She is willing to bring the world more consciousness and awareness. MAYDI is a fully transparent brand, giving details about every step within the value chain.

MAYDI offers 100% natural pieces, as she works only with 100% natural luxury fibers from Argentina and natural dyes, obtained from native plants of Argentina and South America. It is a local production, that involves local talented artisans and enhances the craftsmanship related to Art and Culture, a heritage that the artisans pass over with pride from generation to generation.

Artisan’s hands

MAYDI claims herself as part of the era of the New Luxury and adapts constantly to the changes. She is willing to evolve in the right direction and transmit her powerful message to the rest of the world.

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