This Christmas, Think Greener!

Christmas is always the moment where you come to see your loved ones. You reunite with your whole family and friends. You pass some great moments together; you share new unforgettable memories. You live the moment together, without being preoccupied of what is coming next.

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, when you are willing to cherish the most you can all your loved ones and show them how much you care about them. You want to share your happiness, and gift them breathtaking surprises. You maybe even feel more excited this year, now more than ever, because of this strange situation we are all passing through.

MAYDI, is part of the New Luxury era, the era where Fashion becomes “Greener”, where people are more aware and buy with a conscience.

MAYDI, as a sustainable luxury knitwear brand, with transparency at every level of the value chain. The entire production is done by hand, with a lot of care and attention.

MAYDI cares about the future, and thus is willing to help you find the perfect gift. A gift that is made with love by hand, by local talented artisans from Argentina. MAYDI’s products are 100% natural, respecting our planet and our wildlife.

Here under you will find a few options and inspirations for your Christmas presents. And do not hesitate in visiting the section of our new SS21 collection on our website, what characterizes us and what defines us.

For Her

  • GRAVURE, Necklace hand-knitted, 100% Raw Silk, color: Eggshell, size U
  • CREAR, Knit pique rib stitch ruffle Top, 100% Combed cotton, color: Cappuccino Chiaro, size S-M-L
  • IRIS, Fringe straw Bag, 100% Raffia, color: Spice brown, size U
  • MARGEN, Broad brimmed Hat, 100% Cordon cotton, color: Natural, size U

For Him

  • INNOCENCE, Sweater polo hand-knitted two needles, 100% Bamboo, color: Bleu marin, size S-M-L
  • COQUIN, Hoodie sweatshirt knitting pattern crochet with buttons, 100% Combed light cotton, color: Fern green, size S-M-L
  • CONQUISTA, Authentic hand-loom Ruana, 100% Linen, color: Fawn, size U

Also, please note that all our menswear pieces are unisex and can fit easily in any wardrobe. You can combine MAYDI’s pieces as you please.

For more information about “Who We Are”:

For more information about our whole “Process”:

Our new SS21 collection, now available online:

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